Ask Dr. Block: What is your philosophy regarding using herbal medicine to treat cancer?

There are few individual herbs that I believe actually shrink tumors in patients. That said, we have seen some cases of high-dose, multi-targeted herbal treatments that, combined with a diet and exercise program to re-balance terrain, have had some impressive results with specific cancers. There are several herbs that have very interesting early-stage research suggesting … Continued

Ask Dr. Block: Difference Between Standard Of Care And Comprehensive Integrative Approach

Ask Dr. Block   Dr. Block, what do you think are the main differences between the “standard of care” approach of conventional medicine and a comprehensive, personalized integrative approach? Mainstream cancer treatment grows out of a cultural – and global – fixation on seeking out silver bullet treatment strategies. This search, while fruitful in small … Continued

Ask Dr. Block: Chronomodulated Chemotherapy Methodology

I understand one of your chemotherapeutic infusion and distribution techniques is unique in the United States. I am referring to chronomodulated chemotherapeutic treatments. How does this methodology work? Back in the early nineties, I was looking for methods to help my patients better tolerate some of the more invasive cancer treatments. When I came across … Continued

Ask Dr. Block: Recurrence Prevention

This is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of conventional oncology. Once a patient is deemed “in remission,” they are typically disconnected from care – as well as any attending support – and told to come back in three to six months where diagnostic scans or blood tests will determine if the cancer has returned.  I … Continued

Ask Dr. Block: Hand-Foot Syndrome

Q. What do you recommend for hand-foot syndrome from the oral chemo (for metastatic breast cancer) Xeloda, other than dose reduction? A. Hand-foot syndrome can be difficult to manage. Standard advice for this side effect, which is seen with several drugs, include: wear loose-fitting clothing and shoes, avoid activities that put any kind of pressure … Continued

Ask Dr. Block: Reishi, Spirulina & Chlorella

Can a patient take reishi together with spirulina and chlorella? Is there potentially harmful interaction between the three supplements? No, there is no evidence of a harmful interaction. According to Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, none of these supplements is likely to interact with other herbal medicines. However, it is important to note that each of these … Continued

Ask Dr. Block: The Block Center Difference

When you see a new cancer patient at the Block Center, what is different about your process than a typical hospital? As a new cancer patient at the Block Center, your visit will begin with a detailed evaluation of your medical records, clinical and integrative assessments, and questionnaires on your lifestyle and medical history. We … Continued

Ask Dr. Block: Chronomodulated Chemotherapy

What is chronomodulated chemotherapy and who should consider this approach to treatment? There are nine specific “clock-related” genes in our brainstems that control our time-dependent biological functions, including sleeping and eating patterns, heart rate, body temperature, and hormone production. Similarly, cancer cells also have time controls; they divide and rest at different times of any given … Continued