Ask Dr. Block: The Block Center Difference

When you see a new cancer patient at the Block Center, what is different about your process than a typical hospital?

As a new cancer patient at the Block Center, your visit will begin with a detailed evaluation of your medical records, clinical and integrative assessments, and questionnaires on your lifestyle and medical history. We will also conduct a thorough medical screening and physical examination, followed by an extensive consultation with one of our physicians. Specialized laboratory testing will guide your clinicians in making decisions not only about medical treatment, but also about how you can best use diet, exercise, biobehavioral strategies, and supplementation to optimize your potential for health and healing.

In addition, you will receive our comprehensive integrative lifestyle assessment test. The results will be used by your physician as well as by our integrative practitioners, in order to provide you with a treatment plan tailored to your current health status, and aligned with your goals and values. You’ll also meet with one of our dietitians for a complete nutritional assessment and the first phase of your personalized dietary strategy. Once we have the results of the tests used to assess your biochemical terrain, you will be scheduled for a follow-up phone call with your dietitian, who will explain the test findings, and, based on these results, will make more precisely tailored dietary and nutraceutical recommendations. During this phone session, you’ll also receive practical guidance on how to successfully implement your personalized dietary and supplement regimen.

All patients are referred to our biobehavioral and physical care teams. An individualized educational consult with a member of our biobehavioral support team will explain and reinforce scientifically supported techniques that can counteract the unwanted consequences of not only conventional treatments, but to the presence of cancer itself. Based on the data in your medical clearance form and the results of your integrative physical fitness evaluation, a member of our physical care team will meet with you to discuss and develop planning for an exercise program tailored to your specific goals and challenges. Increasingly, research is showing that appropriate exercise can be critical for cancer patients, and can help counter fatigue, diminish specific side effects of treatment, increase stamina, boost quality of life, and improve treatment outcome.

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