Exercise and Fitness: Empowering the Body to Better Fight Cancer

Exercise and fitness are essential to good health, and not just for people who are already healthy. The human body is optimized for physical activity, and regular exercise helps many mechanisms and functions in our physiology to run optimally.


Block Center: Following the science to help you change the odds.

Science shows quite convincingly that being fit — physically active, of a healthy weight and optimal body composition is directly connected to good health. It also shows that — even for those who are not fit — physical activity, routine exercise and even moderate weight loss have a measurable benefit to health.

In fact, the science can be very specific, showing that regular exercise affects a number of different physiological and immunological processes, and not merely metabolic rate. Individualizing a fitness and exercise regimen for optimal effectiveness against cancer while improving treatment tolerance.

At the Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment in Skokie, IL, exercise is as fundamental to our fight-on-all-fronts approach as are therapeutic nutrition, stress care strategies, optimal sleep, not to mention surgery, chemo, molecular or radiation therapy. So some form of physical activity and exercise regimen is part of every Block integrative treatment plan.

As cancer care providers, we care for people at all levels of physical ability, individualizing their fitness routine to their abilities and health. And performing a comprehensive physical assessment is core to getting it right as part of our thorough testing and evaluation phase. This way, we can develop a routine that’s within your capabilities and that will help us improve your body, your biochemistry and thus your odds against cancer.


Knowledge and experience at the forefront of integrative cancer treatment.

As with everything we do, our exercise recommendations are individualized to your needs, which we investigate with our unusually thorough assessment and testing. It is the rare cancer center that even considers this as being essential to personalized care. Also, because we’ve been at the forefront of integrative cancer treatment for more than 30 years, we have three decades of experience incorporating a wide range of activities and exercises into patients’ treatment plans. As a result, we have a lot of knowledge and data about how to best integrate activity into your life and your comprehensive plan for living a high-quality, vitally engaged life equipped with the physical and emotional stamina needed to overcome cancer.


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