Keep Cancer from Coming Back with the Leaders in Integrative Cancer Care

An important and, frankly, frightening aspect of cancer is that it can come back (recur). Sometimes cancer can return quite some time after initial treatment and even after years of remission (no sign of cancer). Most instances of cancer recurrence occur in the first two years following treatment, and each new day of remission decreases the chances for recurrence. Still, cancer can come back — strong — many years after treatment.


Empowering Block Center patients to keep cancer from recurring.

At the Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment in Illinois (Chicagoland), we focus not merely on helping you achieve remission but also on preventing cancer from coming back. We offer a unique cancer recurrence prevention program that helps maximize your body’s ability to slow and counter cancer’s return over the long term.

For Block Center patients fighting active cancer, our approach is to use every science-supported method that makes their bodies stronger, healthier, more metabolically and biochemically tuned and balanced, and thus less hospitable to cancer. After they are in remission, all Block center patients are actively engaged in a personally structured, recurrence prevention program, designed to maintain these improvements and bolster your continuing resistance.


Why does cancer recur?

There are several factors affecting your odds for a recurrence of cancer, including the type of cancer you have. But as integrative cancer treatment professionals, every aspect of our care revolves around not just the presence of cancer but the reasons it developed in the first place.

Cancer is the result of a cascade of genetic and molecular accidents. Cancer is mutation, heterogeneity, treatment resistance and cancer stem cells. So the Block Center’s cancer recurrence prevention program — as with our cancer treatment— is focused on reducing and eliminating the factors that drive this process of mutation, permit heterogeneity, increase resistance, and knock out cancer stem cells.

Yes, cancer comes back because cancer cells spread before surgery or radiation and sometimes survive chemotherapy and other treatments. But if the biochemical environment that led to the development of cancer isn’t changed and its new anti-cancer makeup isn’t maintained, recurrence is more likely.


A unique program focused on your body’s ability to resist cancer.

Our cancer recurrence prevention program is individualized and integrative. We tailor your plan using the comprehensive assessments performed at your initial visit along with your unique biochemical, metabolic, and molecular profiles. Combining this information using your follow-up status after completing active treatment with a personalized therapeutic dietary plan and supplement regimen, a full biobehavioral program, and your fitness and exercise strategy is a full-force design for you to optimize your health against further disease..

As it sounds, this program is an extension of the principles behind everything we do. Because patients in remission have no sign of cancer, individualized recurrence prevention plans are different from patients’ treatment plans, focusing on keeping your body reinforced to fight cancer — including reducing the chances of it developing again.


For more information about our cancer recurrence prevention program, or to schedule an appointment, call 877-41-BLOCK (877-412-5625). You can also request an appointment using our easy online form.