Dietary Supplements: What Every Cancer Patient Needs to Know

Most people are surprised to learn that neither the FDA nor any other regulatory agency ensures the potency or purity of dietary supplements. Equally concerning, manufacturers don’t have to get FDA approval or provide the FDA with safety data prior to making them available for sale! It isn’t until a product is on that market … Continued

Exercise and cancer survival: Is There A Connection?

If you have or have had cancer, you’re likely aware that doctors frequently advise patients to get more rest, and reduce, or even stop, their exercise regimen. And while fatigue is a common concern for cancer patients – especially those undergoing treatment – and this advice might sound appealing, it is, actually, a very bad … Continued

Our General Dietary Recommendations

In our previous blog post, we reviewed specific dietary patterns that research demonstrates are beneficial to breast cancer patients. Today we take a look at how our general dietary recommendations are valuable not only to breast cancer patients, but to anyone facing a cancer diagnosis. We recommend a diet that’s low in saturated fats and … Continued

Diet And Breast Cancer Survival: What Every Patient Needs to Know

We are often asked if there are specific foods that can boost cancer survival. Because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we thought we’d address this question as it relates to breast cancer. Existing research doesn’t support the notion that there are specific foods that can increase survival. However, there IS considerable evidence that dietary … Continued

Cancer Prehab: What You Need To Know Before You Start Treatment

“You have cancer.” Every day, people hear those three dreaded, life-altering words. And before they have time to even begin to process what this might mean for their life or for their future, these patients are scheduled for their very first treatment. Though this rush-to-treatment is very common, the truth is, it’s the very rare … Continued

New Study of Circadian Rhythms in Block Center Chemo Patients

Advanced cancer patients receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatments often report suffering from insomnia, daytime sleepiness, fatigue, and depression. In fact, experts estimate that as many as 50% of patients dealing with lung and other cancers experience fatigue syndrome (a combination of physical exhaustion, mental weariness, and reduced emotional stamina.) Many factors in cancer and treatment … Continued

Inflammation and Cancer: Is there a Connection?

Since at least the 1980s, evidence has been growing that inflammation can both initiate and fuel many different cancers. In fact, any chronic inflammatory disease – such as arthritis, bronchitis, fasciitis, colitis, and asthma – can increase the risk of cancer. For example, according to a 2000 study, approximately one in every ten patients with … Continued