Fighting Cancer to Win May Mean Integrating Radiation Treatment into Your Care


When you or someone you love has cancer, you need to fight. And at the Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment in Skokie, IL, we are here to fight with you and for you using everything that science has demonstrated is effective against cancer. This means our oncologists and other cancer care providers will consider all treatments that will help shrink tumors, destroy cancer cells and make your body as inhospitable to cancer as possible. So, treatment using radiation therapy (also called “radiotherapy”) may well be integrated into your comprehensive care plan.


What is radiation therapy?

No surprise here: It’s a treatment that exposes cancer to a variety of materials that can kill malignant cells. Like chemotherapy, radiation is harmful to cancer cells, yet it’s also potentially toxic and harmful to normal cells. However, when radiation is performed optimally, normal cells can repair themselves and recover in a way that cancer cells cannot. So, over time, tumors are exposed to radiation carefully — sometimes in multiple sessions, other times rapidly in one or two sessions — and with extreme precision. Since there are multiple technologies from IMRT to radiofrequency ablation (RFA) to CyberKnife to theraspheres or SIR-spheres, we will help you with careful consultation to make the best possible decision as to which procedure is optimal for you.


Considering everything that helps against cancer, including radiation.

As leaders in the integrative treatment of cancer, Dr. Keith Block and the Block team are inherently flexible and attuned to each person’s unique needs, situation and preferences. So we recognize that radiation may not be desirable for some patients, and we are uniquely prepared to offer alternative forms of treatment. But our track record for helping people beat the odds is based on our commitment to using what works, which very often includes radiation and innovative radiation treatment options.


Enhancing the precision effectiveness and quality of radiation treatment.

There are many types of radiation therapy, including external beam radiotherapy and implantable “seeds” that irradiate constantly. Over the decades, external beam radiation has evolved to a very high degree of precision, allowing our experienced, highly skilled collaborating radiation oncologists to maximize dosage to the target while minimizing exposure to surrounding tissues. As well, brachytherapy “seeds” have advanced to the point where they can be temporarily dwelled rather than permanently placed. This enables greater precision of treatment and higher dose rate without the hassles and lifestyle changes associated with old-fashioned brachytherapy seeds.


Is radiation treatment right for you? Maybe. Call 877-41-BLOCK (877-412-5625) to schedule a consultation. You can also schedule an appointment using our easy online form.