Ken BedellKen Bedell
In the spring of 2007 I had a routine colonoscopy. I was told that the biopsy of tissue removed from the very top of my colon was abnormal and pre-cancerous…   >READ MORE

Shirley VanAbbemaShirley VanAbbema
In January of 2008 I was diagnosed with clear cell endometrial cancer and underwent surgery a few weeks later. After surgery I was Stage IIIA…   >READ MORE

Mark WhaleyMark Whaley
I was initially diagnosed with Prostate cancer in 2007. I wanted to run, but there was no place to go! After my surgery, the surgeon told me they had gotten all the cancer…   >READ MORE

Susan SchadickSusan Schadick
I’m one of the lucky ones. In 2009 I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer and only sought treatment at the Block Cancer Center…   >READ MORE

Marianne KramerMarianne Kramer
I was diagnosed with stage 3 triple negative breast cancer in October 2011, and after a double mastectomy with positive lymph nodes…   >READ MORE

Travis TuttleTravis Tuttle
From the moment I entered I knew it was a perfect match. Dr. Block and the Block Center team gave me the information, confidence and comprehensive approach I’d been seeking. They provided the best of conventional cancer treatment integrated with a whole host of science-supported therapies and services that helped me win my fight.

Joe KunaJoe Kuna
When we went to the Block Center for a second opinion, it was such a different, more positive experience. They gave me a lot of hope. After just 6 months, my tumor markers have dropped from over 900 to just 2.3, my orange-sized tumor is the size of a grape, and I’m doing great, even working 40 to 50 hours a week… even while in chemotherapy treatment.

Tom Melzer
The Block Center takes a whole-body approach, which I think is quite essential given the high level of recurrence among cancer patients. I wanted to do everything possible to keep that fate off the table. I wanted a long, satisfying life, and I felt the Block Center would give me the best opportunity for that. Four years since my diagnosis of Stage 3B colon cancer, there are no signs of cancer in my tests and nothing indicating cause for concern.

Cheryl Turnauer
I was diagnosed in 1990 with breast cancer. I had a mastectomy and was on chemo for 6 months. It took me over a year to recover. Everything was fine until 2010 when it returned in the muscle on the same side as before…   >READ MORE

Linda Goranson
When my cancer came back for round three, I realized that it could be “three strikes and you’re out” or “third time is a charm”; I decided to choose the latter and do things differently this time…   >READ MORE

Jeff S.
I was first diagnosed with melanoma at 46 years old. 50 stitches later I was fine. However, three years later, when a sore on my foot wouldn’t heal, I went to a podiatrist who cleaned…   >READ MORE

Randy LopezRandy Lopez
I was 35 when I was first diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer. A year after they did a resection, the cancer returned and had spread to my liver. My diagnosis was then Stage 4, and I was given 5…   >READ MORE

Amberlea ChildsAmberlea Childs
It was July 3, 2010. I was 36 years old, unemployed and uninsured when I heard the words, “You have breast cancer.”…   >READ MORE

John StraussJohn Strauss
During the fall of 1991, I was diagnosed and operated on for Metastatic Stage 4 Malignant Melanoma. I was 47 years old. The oncologists…   >READ MORE

Karla Mans GirouxKarla Mans Giroux
Back in 2003, I was 37 years old with a 5-year-old and 2-1/2-year-old and never expected a diagnosis of breast cancer. I underwent a mastectomy with free-flap reconstruction…   >READ MORE