Comprehensive, detailed testing for more informed, effective cancer treatment.


At the Block Center, our tradition of helping people put life ahead of cancer is based on our completely individualized approach. Treating your cancer isn’t the same as treating someone else’s cancer. Our record of helping people beat the odds is the result of developing and delivering a treatment plan that’s tailored to…

  • you and your unique biology
  • your biochemistry
  • your molecular growth pathways and
  • your treatments

…in order to maximize your chances of beating the odds and living a long, fulfilling life.

Achieving this starts by reaching the most accurate and complete understanding possible. This means assessing your health, diet, lifestyle, biochemistry, physical activity, medical history — everything that can affect your disease and your treatment. For this, the Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment’s care begins with the most thorough, detailed, broad-spectrum available, in order to personalize a cutting-edge treatment uniquely designed for you.


Evaluating all the aspects involved in treating your cancer.

Laboratory testing is critically important to an individualized integrative treatment plan. But so are many other factors of your life and health. So our comprehensive analysis begins with a variety of non-laboratory assessments, including:

  • Thorough review and analysis of medical history with evaluation of recent, relevant research
  • Medical chart/records with team review
  • Nutrition assessment
  • Assessment of readiness for lifestyle change
  • Biobehavioral status
  • Medical clearance for exercise
  • Physical activity assessment


Assessing your biochemistry completely to fight your cancer successfully.

The reason our approach to integrative cancer treatment is so effective is that it takes into account everything involved in your disease. And your body’s chemistry and biology are central to understanding and treating your cancer. Cancer is the result of a cascade of molecular and genetic glitches that drive growth. To defeat cancer, we focus on your biochemical and molecular environment because it is the “soil” in which cancer cells either will or will not thrive.

  • Biochemical Terrain Analysis – The fact is that cancer is influenced by many growth-promoting factors in the body that can drive or inhibit malignant disease. Just like the soil quality can impact the growth of a seed, the biological environment or terrain can impact malignant cells. So we run a thorough biochemical terrain analysis that evaluates multiple factors highly relevant to cancer, including inflammation, immune status, oxidative stress, insulin imbalances and more. We then use the findings from these tests to customize a treatment plan and care regimen that will help your body fight cancer and be inhospitable to it. Additionally, Dr. Block uniquely maps individual patients’ metabolic and molecular growth pathways in order to “Block Cancer!”
  • Standard and Advanced Lab Testing – Depending on your individual needs, our Block Center doctors may order other blood panels — whether common or advanced —related to cancer or a health issue that could be involved with your cancer or could affect treatment.
  • Medical Imaging Studies – In many cases, patients come to the Block Center with X-ray, CT, MRI and PET studies in-hand. But many do not, and many who bring their imaging results may still need further exams to evaluate disease progression, treatment effectiveness, or new or changing problems. These proven imaging modalities are essential to understanding your cancer completely, so we will order exams if and as needed.


To find out more about how we reach a complete understanding on which to base individualized, integrative cancer care, call 877-41-BLOCK (877-412-5625) to schedule an appointment. You can also request an appointment using our easy online form.