Surgery: An Important Part of Integrative Cancer Care in Chicago


Surgery is often the first form of treatment for cancer, and it remains one of the primary and most effective treatments today. For many people, a cancer diagnosis involves the presence of a tumor, and surgical reduction or removal of that tumor is often the first step in their comprehensive cancer treatment plan.


Recommending surgical intervention whenever it will be best for you.

At the Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment in the greater Chicago area, we are leaders in providing truly integrative care for people with cancer. We follow the science and offer and use the methods that are known to give you your best odds against cancer. In many cases, surgery is an important part of a comprehensive strategic treatment plan to overcome cancer.

To put it simply, cancer has to go. This is the focus of our integrative approach, which is centered around treating not just cancer but your cancer. Everything we do is designed around our mission to help you be rid of cancer and stay rid of it. Quite often, surgically removing tumors and cancerous tissue is an important part of that effort. We work with the top cancer surgeons across the U.S. and have decades of experience with these experts — and they with us. Knowing you and the specifics of your disease will allow us to make the best referrals possible.


Embracing a proven treatment because it helps achieve optimal outcomes.

Sometimes, people forget that “integrative” doesn’t mean “ancillary” or just “complementary” or “alternative,” and they hope to avoid surgery. While we are flexible enough to adhere to your wishes, we’re also experienced and dedicated enough to know that surgery is too important and effective to not at least be considered as one part of your comprehensive treatment plan.

Here’s how surgery can help in your fight against cancer:

  • Excise tumors and other cancerous (or pre-cancerous) tissue
  • Help accurately and completely diagnose and stage your cancer
  • Restore appearance of function affected by cancer or treatment
  • Relieve the side effects of cancer
  • Reduce or relieve cancer pain or other symptoms


Working with top cancer surgeons to provide you the best possible care.

At the Block Center, we’re dedicated to your best interests, optimal patient experience and — most importantly — helping you live well and healthy. Many times, this means working with top-quality, highly experienced surgeons to make certain your needs are met, your expectations are exceeded and your chances against cancer are the best they can be.


Making the most out of your surgical procedure

Additionally, if surgery is the right choice for you, having “fresh tumor tissue” right from the operating table with which to perform chemo-sensitivity testing is essential. This advanced assessment provides drug and regimen selection that is more personalized to what will be most effective for you. Before any surgery, please discuss the potential benefits of chemo-sensitivity testing on tumor tissue.

Also, prior to any scheduled surgery, please let us know so we can provide you with specific integrative recommendations to support and prepare you for this procedure which can help you experience a significantly easier and better recovery.


Want to know more about whether cancer surgery is appropriate for you, schedule an appointment by calling 877-41-BLOCK (877-412-5625). You can also schedule an appointment using our easy online form.