Increasing Your Odds Against Cancer by Addressing, Emotions, Mind, and Behavioral Factors

Our minds, emotions and cognitive and behavioral factors affect biology, immunology and biochemistry. This is known to science… and it’s an important part of cancer treatment in the context that biochemistry is central to your body being more or less hospitable to cancer. At the Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment, we include individualized biobehavioral and psychological strategies as part of our care precisely because they are among the many factors that influence good outcomes for cancer treatment.


Your mental-emotional well-being plays a role in treatment success.

For example, studies show that a cancer diagnosis — the news itself — has a measurable negative effect on a person’s health. Science has long demonstrated this connection between mental-emotional factors, human physiology and treatment efficacy. Psychological stressors, for instance, are known to have a significant impact on your body’s immune response — actually, on every aspect of your biology. And some research indicates that simple but deliberate daily relaxation practices can produce changes in gene expression that may help inhibit specific cancer promoting factors — can curb inflammatory processes and re-regulate insulin — both highly relevant to cancer, countering malignant growth while enhancing treatment and health.

This is just one aspect of the biobehavioral program that influences your body and, therefore, medical outcomes. Others include the quality of your sleep, your anxiety levels, issues going on in your personal and/or professional life, and more.


A unique program dedicated to helping you be your strongest against cancer.

At the Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment, our all-fronts approach to fighting cancer includes a robust program led by Penny Block, PhD that’s focused on biobehavioral factors and leveraging them to give you an advantage. We work to understand and address your personal challenges and emotional needs in order to help you stand up against cancer with the best odds for treatment success.

As with all care at the Block Center, our biobehavioral care is based on your individual needs, objectives, desires and lifestyle. We will engage with you about the psychological and social aspects of your life affected by cancer and consider them as part of your individualized, comprehensive, truly integrative treatment plan. Because our goal is to do whatever — based on the best available science — works to help you win against cancer and achieve Life Over Cancer.


To find out more about our unique biobehavioral program and unwavering focus on empowering you to fight cancer optimally, or to schedule an appointment, call 877-41-BLOCK (877-412-5625). You may also schedule an appointment using our easy online form.