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Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic and our commitment to your safety, as well as the safety of our current patients and staff, all first-time appointments are telemedicine appointments and include a consultation with Dr. Keith Block. Any required treatments, such as chemotherapy (including chronomodulated chemotherapy), immunotherapy, IV infusions, molecular assessments, etc., will be scheduled during or immediately following your telemedicine appointment.

Fight It On All Fronts

Cancer isn’t just a collection of malignant cells that multiply uncontrollably. It’s a systemic perversion of the body’s mechanisms caused by a cascade of genetic and molecular glitches. In this way — and with its impact on all aspects of life, work and emotional well-being — cancer affects people on all fronts.

That’s why the Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment in greater Chicago (Skokie, IL) fights cancer by addressing the underlying molecular accidents that initiated and support it… and in every way possible. A recognized leader and pioneer in integrative cancer treatment, the Block Center sets the standard for true integration of multiple science-based strategies that, together, can help you beat the odds and put life over cancer.

Leaders in promoting life over cancer.

Led by Keith Block, MD and Penny Block, PhD, our team of cancer professionals provides a different kind of cancer care that emphasizes life, individualized treatment and a multifaceted approach. Dr. Keith Block is known around the globe for his pioneering work and leadership in integrative cancer treatment, and Penny Block, PhD is an expert in the biobehavioral aspects and comprehensive lifestyle approaches essential to cancer care. Together with our team of oncologists, nurses, dietitians, nutritionists and other specialists, we’re dedicated to making your cancer treatment less toxic and easier on you while improving your successful outcome.

Making the most of conventional cancer therapies.

Chemotherapy, radiation treatment and surgery are not the only forms of cancer treatment. But research affirms that they can be highly effective, important therapies which help improve and save lives. At the Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment, our approach is to integrate into your care those treatment strategies that science shows help against cancer. So surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are among the options we will consider and discuss with you as ways within our comprehensive system of care to help you beat cancer.

Comprehensive, Detailed Testing
For More Informed, Effective Cancer Treatment

Although you have a particular type and stage of cancer, it affects you as an individual in distinctive ways that depend on your unique biology and clinical condition. Our history of helping people beat the odds is based on our individualized approach, which starts with thorough, detailed assessments and laboratory testing. We perform a comprehensive, integrative assessment of your personal biochemistry and the metabolic and molecular characteristics of your cancer. This lets us map your tumor’s biology and growth pathways in order to create a comprehensive strategy of individualized care and interventions that promotes the cancer-fighting environment essential to effective treatment and successful outcomes.

Rate And Timing Of Cancer Treatment Influence
Its Toxicity And Effectiveness.

The human body has rhythms and cycles — sleep, feeding, hormone production, cell regeneration and other cycles — revolving around the 24-hour day. Science shows that these cycles are unique for everyone… and that they influence the effectiveness and toxicity of anticancer treatments. So we pioneered equipment and protocols that optimize the timing and rate of treatment delivery thereby reducing toxicity (and side effects) and maximizing treatment efficacy.

Nutrition Affects Your Cancer…
And Your Cancer Treatment.

How you eat — what you put into your body — affects your metabolism, health, physical function and, yes, your cancer. In fact, science shows that nutrition is the quickest and surest way to affect a person’s biochemistry. And there are certain foods and nutritional supplements that can help make your body less hospitable to cancer. Others — sugar, for example — help fuel the cancer. So, rather than an afterthought, nutrition is an integral, and entirely individualized, part of our approach to treating cancer.

Mental, Emotional And Behavioral Factors
Affect Biology — And Cancer Treatment.

Studies show that a cancer diagnosis — the news itself — has a measurable negative effect on a person’s health. In fact, science has long demonstrated that mental, emotional and behavioral factors affect biology, and influences the success of treatment. Our all-fronts approach to fighting cancer includes a robust biobehavioral care program led by Penny Block, PhD. Beyond stress care and quality of life, “biobehavioral” refers to issues and interventions that involve the interaction of health behaviors, psychological factors, and biological processes that are important pathways to improving disease outcomes. We work to understand and address your personal challenges and emotional needs in order to help you stand up strong against cancer with the best odds for treatment success.

Our Program Helps You Prevent Cancer
From Coming Back

Anyone who knows about cancer knows that it often comes back. At the Block Center, we offer a unique program designed to prevent cancer recurrence. Like our treatment plans, this program is individualized and based on the science showing that cancer is a perversion of the body’s mechanisms by genetic and molecular glitches. After you’re in remission, we help you stay that way with personalized diet, biobehavioral strategies, exercise, supplement and other regimens that help keep your body inhospitable to cancer.

From the moment I entered I knew it was a perfect match. Dr. Block and the Block Center team gave me the information, confidence and comprehensive approach I’d been seeking. They provided the best of conventional cancer treatment integrated with a whole host of science-supported therapies and services that helped me win my fight.” *

– Travis Tuttle, patient

When we went to the Block Center for a second opinion, it was such a different, more positive experience. They gave me a lot of hope. After just 6 months, my tumor markers have dropped from over 900 to just 2.3, my orange-sized tumor is the size of a grape, and I’m doing great, even working 40 to 50 hours a week… even while in chemotherapy treatment.”

– Joe Kuna, patient

The Block Center takes a whole-body approach, which I think is quite essential given the high level of recurrence among cancer patients. I wanted to do everything possible to keep that fate off the table. I wanted a long, satisfying life, and I felt the Block Center would give me the best opportunity for that. Four years since my diagnosis of Stage 3B colon cancer, there are no signs of cancer in my tests and nothing indicating cause for concern.

– Tom Melzer, patient
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