Read Patients’ Stories About Their Integrative Cancer Care at the Block Center

As leaders in the integrative care and treatment of cancer, our mission is to give you hope and provide you with every chance to win against cancer. We do this by following the science and using what works… and by being completely, unflinchingly dedicated to your best interests.

Read for yourself what Block Center patients say about their unique experience with us and how our comprehensive, integrative approach has made a difference in their lives. Please note that these patient quotes describe these individuals’ actual cases and results. Results may not be typical or expected for the particular disease types being discussed. Actual results may vary.


“When we went to the Block Center for a second opinion, it was such a different, more positive experience. They gave me a lot of hope. After just six months, my tumor markers have dropped from over 900 to just 2.3, my orange-sized tumor is the size of a grape, and I’m doing great, even working 40 to 50 hours a week… even while in chemotherapy treatment.”

— Joe Kuna


“The Block Center takes a whole-body approach, which I think is quite essential given the high level of recurrence among cancer patients. I wanted to do everything possible to keep that fate off the table. I wanted a long, satisfying life, and I felt the Block Center would give me the best opportunity for that. Four years since my diagnosis of Stage 3B colon cancer, there are no signs of cancer in my tests and nothing indicating cause for concern.”

— Tom Melzer


“From the first consultation, the Block team was talking about biobehavioral factors, like stress and sleep. They told me my job now was to reduce stress as much as possible to help my body fight my cancer. They gave me great ways to get into mindfulness, including meditation and yoga. Along with diet, supplements and anticancer medications, we’re changing my body to become a bad host for cancer. With no signs of cancer in my body, I call it a success.”

— Desiree Trebesch


“I’d been struggling with scar tissue, wasn’t dating and didn’t want to be touched by anybody. Once I went to the Block Center, the biobehavioral counselor there really helped me through this tough time. They also taught me that I needed to take back control for myself against this disease… and how I could do it successfully.”

— Janet Gonzales


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