The Potential Cost Savings of Integrative Therapies

Though much has been written about the rising cost of healthcare, little has been done to help slow this growing problem.  However, one need look no further than integrative therapies for a solution that will not only yield genuine and significant cost savings, but will also favorably impact patient care. Integrative therapies have the potential … Continued

Diet and our mental health: Are we really what we eat?

Everyone has heard the adage “You are what you eat.” And few would argue about the negative impact of a junk food diet on our overall health. More recently, however, research is emerging that suggests that diet can affect not just our physical well-being, but our mental health and our behavior as well! For example, … Continued

Ask Dr. Block: What is your philosophy regarding using herbal medicine to treat cancer?

There are few individual herbs that I believe actually shrink tumors in patients. That said, we have seen some cases of high-dose, multi-targeted herbal treatments that, combined with a diet and exercise program to re-balance terrain, have had some impressive results with specific cancers. There are several herbs that have very interesting early-stage research suggesting … Continued

The Myth of “False Hope”

Hope is believing in spite of the evidence, and then watching the evidence change. – Jim Wallis, editor of Sojourners magazine Physicians who offer cancer patients innovative but “unproven” therapies are often criticized for providing false hope.  The basic line of reasoning here is that, without definitive evidence from randomized clinical trials to support the use … Continued