Ask Dr. Block: Tracking Progress

How do you track the progress of integrative cancer treatments at your center? What tests and measurements do you follow? The primary tests that we use the standard medical assessments including, but not limited to, tumor markers, CT scans, PET-CT Scans and monitoring of physical symptoms. These are absolutely necessary to make sure your treatment plan … Continued

Ask Dr. Block: Which integrative treatments are right for me?

Are all integrative treatments evidence based? How do we know which is right for our situation?  The evidence base for integrative treatments varies for different treatments. Some integrative therapies, such as St John’s Wort for mild to moderate depression, or hypnosis for easing the surgical experience, have been tested in randomized controlled trials. Some, on the … Continued

Ask Dr. Block: Preventing Cancer

Would you share suggestions on how to keep from getting cancer? I have had multiple different types of cancer as well as precancerous sites. I’m not sure whether you have had cancer originating in several different organs, or whether you are discussing one cancer that has gone to several different sites in the body. From your … Continued