The Paleo Diet: What is it anyway?

Over the last few years, several of our patients have come to us with questions about the Paleo diet, having heard or read about its presumed health benefits. In fact, many of these patients were considering trying this diet or had, in fact, already started it, under the mistaken belief that it’s consistent with the … Continued

Is Wheat Really The Enemy?

For some time now, wheat has been characterized as a dietary villain, blamed as the cause for one malaise after another, including acne, chronic fatigue, and depression. Some opponents of wheat have even coined the phrase “wheat belly,” pointing a finger at wheat as the cause of excess belly fat. But in fact, wheat has … Continued

The Myth of “False Hope”

For people touched by cancer, the term “hope” can mean different things. At a basic level, of course you hope to get rid of your cancer and then stay free of the disease. In this context, hope is simply a form of wish fulfillment: You desire, and to some degree, expect, a full-fledged recovery. Implicit … Continued

What Is Chronomodulated Chemotherapy and How Does It Work?

Back in the early nineties, I was looking for methods to help my patients better tolerate some of the more invasive cancer treatments, including chemotherapy. So, when I came across some of the research of Dr. Bill Hrushevsky, clearly the pioneer in the field of chronomodulated chemotherapy, it was a “light-bulb” moment for me. Dr. … Continued

Healthy Low-Fat Diet Lowers Breast Cancer Mortality

For many years, the Block Center has emphasized the nutritional and clinical benefits of eating a diet which is low in total fats (particularly cutting unhealthy fats) yet high in vegetables, whole unprocessed grains, and fruits — a complete food plan based on our continual evaluation of the science. Now, a new and convincing study … Continued

Healthy Baked Beans

Ingredients ● 1 tablespoon tomato paste ● 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar ● 1 tablespoon brown mustard ● 2 garlic cloves, minced ● 1 tsp chili powder ● ½ tsp onion powder ● 2 cans white beans, drained ● 1 cup chopped onions ● Salt & pepper, to taste Instructions 1. In a medium saucepan … Continued