Why “Cancer Free” May Not Mean Truly Free of Cancer; Why Every Patient Needs a Cancer Rehab Program

According to the National Cancer Institute, the number of cancer survivors in the United States exceeds 16.9 million people, and will increase to almost 18 million by 2022. After hearing the very welcome news that they’re done with treatment and free of disease, these patients are typically released from care, returning only for scans or other tests to see if their cancer has returned. This disconnect from care – that is, leaving the ongoing monitoring and routine presence of their clinicians – often prompts or exacerbates fears of recurrence. In addition, in almost all cases, these patients face ongoing medical, psychological and even social challenges. Among the most common challenges reported post-treatment: profound fatigue, muscle pain, decline in cognitive function, and anxiety. Additionally, and typically overlooked in conventional medicine, the existence of microscopic cells following surgery and/or treatment are a common reality for the vast majority of patients. So, while these patients may have been told they are “cancer free,” they may not be truly free of cancer. But there are steps cancer survivors can take to not only improve their quality of life, but reduce their risk of the cancer recurring.
As Dr. Block explains, “without counseling and support, most of these patients resume the dietary and lifestyle patterns that may have made them more vulnerable to cancer and cancer progression in the first place. And, as a result – and far too often – they experience a recurrence of the disease.”

Based on the results of specific lab testing, Cancer Rehab at the Block Center offers cancer survivors an individually tailored, integrative, comprehensive plan to regain control of their health, restore vitality and reduce the risk of a recurrence.

For additional information about Cancer Rehab or to schedule an appointment at the Block Center, please call 1-877-41-BLOCK (25625).

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