Susan Schadick

I’m one of the lucky ones. In 2009 I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer and only sought treatment at the Block Cancer Center. I live in Michigan and my mother came from Florida to help me decide on treatment. After researching their website and some other cancer centers, I concluded that the Block Center was the only center that focused on cancer and wellness. Dr. Keith Block incorporated conventional treatment with science based complementary treatments, such as IV vitamin infusions. My treatment was a combination of conventional therapy, diet, exercise and supplements. My treatment was more complete than the treatments touted by the cancer center that advertises on television. I called and made an appointment at the office. My mother and husband came with me and it was an incredible experience. In approximately 5 hours I consulted with Dr. Block, my oncologist, my registered dietitian and other caring clinicians. I took home my meal plan binder and began eating healthy right away, even before my double mastectomy.

Each one of my 4 chemotherapy treatments felt somewhat like going to a spa. Dr. Block told me that during my chemo treatments I should get up and move around not just sit still. While attached to my chemo I-V pole I could exercise and attend a group meeting or cooking class where we sampled everything the dietitian made. All of this made my chemo treatments fun and the time go by fast. I also met people from all over the country that were having treatment too. We shared stories and gave support.

The meal plan and supplements helped me get in great shape and have high energy. The entire team was extremely friendly and helpful. The office was warm and inviting. Since I was there all day, I brought my lunch and put it in the fridge. I could use any condiments available and there was always free water and organic teas to drink with snacks.

Going to the Block Center for my cancer treatments felt like going to a friend’s house for a visit. I never imagined I would have such positive and fun memories from having chemotherapy. I have been in remission since 2014 so I now have well-patient visits. I feel that the care I am continuing to receive from the Block Cancer Center is keeping me in good health.

Submitted January 2018 by Susan Schadick, a Block Cancer patient