I was diagnosed in 1990 with breast cancer. I had a mastectomy and was on chemo for 6 months. It took me over a year to recover. Everything was fine until 2010 when it returned in the muscle on the same side as before. I have always trusted and done what my doctors advised, but this time I began looking at other approaches. My husband researched and found The Block Center, but in 2010 I wasn’t quite ready to let go of old paradigms…so more surgery and radiation.

By January 2016, my third time around, it had spread and this time I was ready for a change! I spent months learning about my predicament and it changed with each doctor’s visit. My surgeon advised me to have surgery, followed by chemo, radiation and an estrogen block. I let him know I was now going to follow The Block Center and see what could be done there.

My first experience with The Block Center was amazing. When I walked into the building I was struck by the view of the exercise equipment and bikes in front of a huge window wall. The center is light, airy, spacious, and thoughtfully calm. It speaks of health, not illness; hope, not desperation.

We were there for several hours meeting the Dr. Block, an oncologist, a biobehavioral specialist, registered dietitian and getting my labs done. We were there on a day that lunch was being served (vegetable lentil soup). Dr. Block thoroughly reviewed my records and gave me an extensive exercise regimen, discussed a possible chemo pill, supplements, nutrition and diet plan for a few months before doing surgery. I was excited and had some homework to do in optimizing my lifestyle choices. All an adventure!

My treatment at The Block Center bares no similarity to my past medical experiences. Other than diagnostics, I’ve had no surgery. I take my prescribed supplements and an estrogen block. I exercise regularly and practice meditation. My diet has changed; no refined sugar, no meat, no dairy and no processed foods.

Dr. Block wholeheartedly believes in the power of the human mind and spirit. He looks at you as an individual and works with you to heal both, your body and soul. You are in the driver’s seat in this journey to live.

In July 2016, Dr. Block told me I must be doing everything he has asked because the tumors had shrunk as much as 50%. By January 2017, I had my annual mammogram and ultrasound and the tumors could not be detected. As of July 2017, still no tumors.

I am aware that this lifestyle needs to continue. I am healthy, active, and I want to enjoy life. My sincere thanks to Dr. Block and the team for their continued dedication.

Submitted on 01/03/18 by Cheryl Turnauer, a Block Center patient