Monday, September 18, Dr. Sangeetha Nimmagadda Will Be Joining Our Medical Team

Dear Patients of the Block Center,

We are very pleased to announce that on Monday, September 18, Dr. Sangeetha Nimmagadda will be joining our medical team. She will be a strong member of our professional oncology group: She is board certified in oncology and hematology with medical training at University of Illinois Medical Center, Chicago, and Case Western, Cleveland, with 10 years of experience treating cancer patients. Her medical reputation and patient reviews reflect not only her professional knowledge and clinical expertise, but her warm, wise connection to patients which instills confidence, respect, and trust. In addition, Dr. Nimmagadda’s medical engagement includes: Assistant Professor of Medicine at University of Illinois Chicago Department of Hematology-Oncology, professional presentations, and peer-reviewed journal publications.

We have spent appreciable time in searching for an oncologist who genuinely shares our principles, philosophy, dedication to patient care, and who respects the importance of our comprehensive approach to addressing key individual disease issues in an integrative system that simultaneously engenders enhanced health. Importantly, she made a decision to join our independent practice so that she “could spend more time with her patients and deliver a personalized, comprehensive system of care,” emphasizing that she’s “excited to be part of the Block Center and is eager to continue the advancement of medicine.”

Please be assured that we, along with the full Block Center staff, are available to respond to any questions that you might have.

Our warmest wishes for everyone’s greater health,

Keith I Block, MD
Medical & Scientific Director

Penny B. Block, PhD
Executive Director

2 responses to “Monday, September 18, Dr. Sangeetha Nimmagadda Will Be Joining Our Medical Team

  1. Welcome to the Block team. I have always loved how the center uses a team approach so the patient receives the best possible care!

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