Essentials of Care

Essentials of Care

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We are breaking new ground in integrative cancer treatments that fight cancer, help prevent recurrences and enrich the quality of your life. Treatment is delivered in a unique setting, including individual private chemotherapy rooms, and with an approach that helps you to become nutritionally, physically and emotionally fit.

Our treatment program is optimal if you are newly diagnosed with cancer. Many patients, though, come to us with cancer that has spread, or after already having received a course of chemotherapy elsewhere that has left them emotionally and physically depleted.

Dedicated to helping you and your care givers cope with any stage or type of cancer, we have helped many people who had been labeled “incurable” to live to climb mountains, pursue their careers and raise their children.

Traditional medicine approaches cancer as a terminal disease, while our approach balances the goal of remission and cure with the objective of living --- cured if possible, and living with your disease as a manageable condition if full cure is not possible with today’s current treatments.

Our program works with every stage of your treatment:

  • Prepares you for surgery, chemotherapy and radiation
  • Administers chemotherapy
  • Restores your biological integrity through supplements and improved nutrition
  • Builds your physical and emotional stamina through exercise and stress-reducing activities
  • Helps you make healthful choices to improve your body’s ability to fight cancer

The Block Center

Founded over 30 years ago, the Block Center is one of the world’s leading cancer treatment facilities. An outpatient clinic specializing in the treatment of the entire range of cancers, we are dedicated to providing a caring and healing environment.

Our individualized programs are designed to give you, the patient, the best opportunity to live better and to improve the overall quality of your life while you undergo treatment.


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