Healthy Holidays

As the holidays approach, conversations begin to focus on topics like office parties, food, family, and celebrations.  There is a powerful notion in our culture that this is the one time of the year we are allowed to overindulge, and we find ourselves surrounded by candy, cookies, and copious amounts of all types of food … Continued

Lighten Your Fatigue

Cancer-related fatigue (CRF) is by far the most frequently reported side effect of cancer treatments, but unlike non-cancer tiredness, neither sleep nor rest relieves this nagging problem, which is often accompanied by substantial distress. (Not surprising, since feeling physically “punk” – unable to function with normal vitality in normal activities — can result in feeling … Continued

Can Lung Cancer Patients Exercise During Chemotherapy?

Breast, prostate and colon cancer patients are often told that they can exercise after cancer diagnoses, even during chemotherapy. We certainly recommend this at the Block Center. But the presence of cancer in the lungs might have a uniquely bad effect on the ability of lung cancer patients to exercise, since breathing is so important … Continued

Prostate Cancer Survival with an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

November is Prostate Cancer Awareness month. As we head into the holiday season, with Thanksgiving only weeks away, we’d urge prostate cancer patients to become more aware of holiday health pitfalls – especially the impact of holiday menus. An article that will appear in the December issue of the International Journal of Cancer that highlights … Continued

Inflammation Fuels Depression, Insomnia and Fatigue Among Breast Cancer Patients in Bidirectional Pattern

Depression, fatigue and sleep disturbance are common among cancer patients. Some estimates suggest that over 40% of breast cancer patients experience significant distress — both depressive and/or anxious symptoms — shortly after and due to their diagnosis. Up to 80% of cancer patients suffer unusual levels of fatigue, during and following treatment. Moreover, 30-50% of … Continued

Prostate Cancer – Active Surveillance – Or Active Participation?

New results from a randomized trial comparing active surveillance of men with low or medium-risk prostate cancer with active treatment – surgery or radiotherapy followed by hormone therapy – is causing nervousness for advocates of active surveillance. A clinical trial comparing active surveillance with active treatment found that more men in the active surveillance group … Continued

Agave and Other Natural Sweeteners

We humans are born with a natural preference for sweet flavors, so it is not surprising that we enjoy our desserts. We do, however, tend to overindulge in them. It is said that we need to experience on our tongues all five of the basic tastes – sweet, salty, sour, bitter and pungent to feel … Continued

Integrative Therapies to Support Prostate Cancer Treatment

One in three American men with prostate cancer is treated with hormonal therapy – medications to suppress the testosterone that drives prostate cancer growth. These therapies represent a marvelous advance in prostate cancer treatment, increasing 5-year survival from 68% to 99% over the past 25 years. Still, they are not without possible problems — from … Continued

Colon Cancer Patients: Up Your Omega-3 Intake For Better Survival!

Patients and their doctors often wonder if there is a real benefit to change your diet or start taking supplements after a cancer diagnosis. The answer is yes. According to a new study – with 1600+ colorectal cancer patients — if the change you make means adding more omega-3 fats from fish and fish oil … Continued