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Life Over Cancer, By Dr. Keith Block

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"Life Over Cancer is the program every cancer patient deserves in order to have the best chance for recovery and restoration of health."

-- Dr. Andrew Weil, from the foreward of Life Over Cancer

In his breakthrough book, Life Over Cancer, Dr. Keith Block presents the unique Block program for fighting cancer to people who are at different places along the cancer continuum; for those who’ve been recently diagnosed, to those in treatment, to those who’ve concluded treatment and need to remain vigilant to prevent recurrence. Block’s meticulously researched program is thoughtfully laid-out and explained in easy-to-understand language that patients can implement both by themselves, as well as with the assistance of their healthcare provider.


  • Is complete with the latest medical and scientific studies and includes in-depth information on optimal nutrition, physical, circadian and emotional well-being designed to attain a successful outcome.
  • Explains that the environment a cancer cell resides in is just as important as the cell itself, and there is much a patient can do to influence both.
  • Describes innovative approaches to conventional diagnostics including biochemical, molecular and chemosensitivity testing.
  • Details revolutionary approaches that can improve treatment tolerance, efficacy and outcome such as chronomodulated chemotherapy (time-sensitive treatment).
  • Explains why the completion of chemotherapy, or a surgical "got it all," should not be the end of treatment, and the steps each patient can actively take to ensure they remain cancer-free.
  • Counters conventional advice to "eat whatever you want"; this can actually promote the very disease a patient is trying to fight!
  • Includes steps to build both a winning medical and personal support team to help manage the hurdles every patient faces.
  • Opposes the popular belief that discourages the use of nutraceutical support for the cancer patient.
  • Defies the long-held belief that successful treatment necessitates that one will get sicker before one can get better.
  • Explains why bedridden patients – or even those that are wheelchair-bound – require a tailored fitness plan.

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Founded over 30 years ago, the Block Center is one of the world’s leading cancer treatment facilities. An outpatient clinic specializing in the treatment of the entire range of cancers, we are dedicated to providing a caring and healing environment.

Our individualized programs are designed to give you, the patient, the best opportunity to live better and to improve the overall quality of your life while you undergo treatment.


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