Ask Dr. Block: What is your philosophy regarding using herbal medicine to treat cancer?

There are few individual herbs that I believe actually shrink tumors in patients. That said, we have seen some cases of high-dose, multi-targeted herbal treatments that, combined with a diet and exercise program to re-balance terrain, have had some impressive results with specific cancers. There are several herbs that have very interesting early-stage research suggesting […]

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The Myth of “False Hope”

Hope is believing in spite of the evidence, and then watching the evidence change. – Jim Wallis, editor of Sojourners magazine Physicians who offer cancer patients innovative but “unproven” therapies are often criticized for providing false hope.  The basic line of reasoning here is that, without definitive evidence from randomized clinical trials to support the use […]

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Exploring a broad spectrum, multi-targeted model of cancer therapy

As regular readers of our page know, Dr. Block is considered by many to be a pioneer in the world of integrative oncology. So it made sense that when Leroy Lowe, a business professor in Nova Scotia and founder of the organization “Getting to Know Cancer” was looking for an ally to help develop a […]

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Antioxidants, Chemotherapy and the Latest Headlines – Part 2

As we discussed in our previous blog, the headlines last week were warning cancer patients about the potential problems with taking antioxidants while undergoing chemotherapy treatment. These headlines were generated from a recent study by a group of Swedish researchers, who used two antioxidants in studying mouse tumors. The antioxidants were n-acetyl cysteine (often called […]

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Antioxidants, Chemotherapy and the Latest Headlines

It’s October, and it’s scarecrow month! Therefore, it was not a surprise when we started seeing publicity about a study that erects a straw man, only to knock it down. Or, should I say, a straw mouse? A group of Swedish researchers performed a study that used two antioxidants in studying mouse tumors. The antioxidants […]

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