To Soy or Not To Soy?

Every so often, articles on the internet question the dangers of foods that we recognize as having health and nutritional value. In a recent post by a patient, soy milk safety was questioned because of certain statements made on a website. Since we always respect patient concerns and questions — recognizing our responsibility to stay […]

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Prostate Cancer? Breast Cancer? Nuts!

Research has recently uncovered a number of health benefits from consuming nuts from helping to control blood sugar, to lowering cholesterol, and providing protein. Different types yield different dividends: Almonds provide calcium and omega 3 fatty acids, and Brazil nuts offer a source of selenium. A study in British Journal of Cancer, June 2016, reports uncovering […]

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Chemotherapy with Antioxidant and Supplement Use in Cancer Patients

Chemotherapy patients face an intimidating list of side effects, especially those with advanced disease who must go through multiple regimens.  At the Block Center, using supplements is one of the ways that we help patients avoid chemotherapy-induced fatigue and improve their overall quality of life. A large number of supplements have published clinical trial data […]

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The Correlation Between Chronic Inflammation and Certain Cancers

Numerous studies are revealing a direct correlation between chronic inflammation and certain cancers. Cancer development appears to be linked to elevated levels of C-reactive protein (CRP), which is produced when inflammation occurs. While acute inflammation (lasting no more than a few days) is our body’s normal response to an injury or infection, chronic inflammation may […]

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Breast Cancer and Cognitive Behavioral Stress Management

Recent studies are showing the benefit of a therapeutic approach to Cognitive Behavioral Stress Management programs. Learn more from The Block Center.

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