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The Link Between Sugary Beverages and Colon Cancer

Studies are showing a link between sugary beverages and recurrent colon cancer. Learn more from our team of integrative professionals at The Block Center.

Posted: 03/07/2016 | read the full post

Electromagnetic Fields: Are They A Concern? Part 2

  In our previous blog article, we looked at the potential impact of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Today, we’ll look at another part of the electromagnetic spectrum: blue light. We don’t usually see blue light, but as you may know, white light is made up of all of the different spectra of visible light, […]

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Electromagnetic Fields: Are They A Concern?

We’ve had several people recently ask if cancer patients should be concerned about the potential impact of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Unfortunately, the research available today doesn’t provide us with a clear cut understanding of just what the impact of EMFs might be. We do know that the presence of electromagnetic fields are increasing all around […]

Posted: 07/31/2014 | read the full post


The Latest Study on Resveratrol

A recent study claiming to debunk the efficacy of resveratrol has prompted some questions about the use of resveratrol supplements for cancer patients. The study claims to have found that resveratrol is not helpful with either cardiovascular or cancer risk, or with longevity. It comes from an interesting source: the inCHIANTI study, a study of […]

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More Antioxidant Criticism?

Keith I. Block, MD Scientists from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory are criticizing antioxidants again. As you may recall, about 18 months ago, Nobel Prize winner James Watson published a paper saying antioxidants are bad for cancer patients, and that antioxidant-rich blueberries amount to nothing more than a natural “junk food” that are OK to eat […]

Posted: 07/15/2014 | read the full post


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