My story. I am Lori Guelff. I am 58 years old, I am married to my “rock” and love of my life, Steve, for 19 years. I am a dental hygienist, an esthetician and an ND. Importantly, I am also a mother, a sister a daughter and a friend.

On Jan 26, 2017, my husband’s birthday, I was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer. I went to the Doctor because I was having significant difficulty swallowing everything and anything.

We were in shock because I really never got sick so this was a real stunner. I had recently completed a 3-year Naturopathic program and all I heard in my head was “stay strongminded, stay determined.” That’s the key to getting better.” I knew I needed Chemotherapy, but I also knew I needed more than just Chemo if I was going to beat this. Who could I turn to for the care that could heal me?

I began my Chemo Journey here in Florida. After several visits to this large cancer center, I realized that something just didn’t feel right with my treatment. I knew you couldn’t just do Chemo you also needed to support the health of your system with supplements and nutrition. As a new ND could I handle this severe diagnosis all by myself? I felt under prepared. As we began the process of contacting our family and good friends about our situation, we received cards and prayers and Dr. Block’s book as a gift. Honestly, at first I was angry thinking I was going to start receiving all these cancer books so I didn’t pick it up right away. One day I took the cover off the book (didn’t want to be judged at the cancer center) and took it to Chemo with me. As I started reading, I thought “this is it, this is what is missing.” My husband sat across from me reading something else and I said “you need to read this — this is amazing!” He took the book and devoured it. We immediately changed our diet and we called the Block center for a consultation a few days later. We met with Dr. Block and an expert integrative team and knew we needed to make specific changes. I wanted to get better, not exist for the sake of a clinical trial. Dr. Block explained how I could get to remission. Someone other than us believed I had a shot at this and we were elated.

My first 6 chemo treatments in Florida resulted in no changes. What a grim day that was. I thank God we had been to The Block Center because it was obvious we needed to take a different approach. We made our move and have never looked back. Today, after 6 more treatments 2 weeks apart and following the Block program, my tumors are down by a minimum of 50%. My energy is returning and I can swallow again! I can now take my supplements without choking.

I am excited for my next scan. I already feel like a miracle. Staying determined is an easy choice. I would rather look forward to getting better than allow my mind to go anyplace else. Yes I have had my private tears and fears. Thankfully I have my husband’s family and friends who encourage me.

I am closer to my husband and my family in general — funny how cancer does that. I am truly touched by all the people who care about me and who pray for us daily. I thank God for every person he has put in our path.
The Block Center has been a very positive experience. The staff genuinely cares about us and we can see the healing taking place. I knew from the beginning this was a huge uphill journey; I am blessed for the path of life I am on.