Karyn HuemoellerIn September of 2007, I received a call that I did not want to receive. My breast cancer had returned. A growth was found in my liver along with a small growth in a lymph node near the original site of my breast cancer. I was also HER2 positive which is a more aggressive type of breast cancer. My diagnosis officially made me a Stage IV cancer patient. I knew the full meaning of that diagnosis and set about my course to finding superior treatment. I was sure about one thing. I would do whatever it took to heal and rid my body of disease. I rejected the limitations of conventional medicine along with its statistics and classification systems. It was necessary to think “outside the box” to regain my life. I knew I must find individualized and personal care. The Block Center provides a whole body approach along with chemotherapy. Cancer is a complex disease and it requires a complex approach.

I am forever grateful to the founders of the Block Center for creating a place of healing. This is also a place of hope and teaching. Hope is expressed daily by caregivers. I was surrounded with positive words and encouraged to make significant life changes. Words and attitudes can be incredibly powerful and I know they were instrumental in my healing. I cannot give enough praise to the staff. It is obvious they are hand-picked and the cream of the crop in their fields. Under the care of the Block Center, I stayed healthy during 6 months of chemo treatments and did not experience any sickness or tiredness whatsoever. Uniquely, chemo is given only after nutrition is administered. I flourished during what was described as a difficult chemo regimen. I was able to maintain a rigorous schedule as a business owner.

I have learned to make my body inhospitable to cancer. In March of 2008, just after my 46th birthday, there was no sign of cancer in my body. I will continue to study and work with the gifted Block Team to remain cancer free. Cancer can be reversed.

Finally, I thank God for all, including the Block Center.

Karyn Huemoeller