What cancer cannot take from you….
It cannot take away your faith
Shatter your hope
Or lessen your love and
It cannot destroy true friendship
Invade the soul or take away eternal life. And most importantly it cannot conquer your spirit

The day they told me I had cancer, my life changed. Now almost nine years from that day, I know that my faith and support from the Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment helped me realize that I could choose Life Over Cancer. I ‘m glad I did.

I had motored along quite well until my Stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis which hit me like a brick wall. I knew I needed to stop everything I was doing and face reality. I had cancer and had to choose to look ahead without any guarantees. My motto became always forward never back.

The decision to choose to work alongside the Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment was easy. Their mission is to treat their patients with “care as unique as you are.” Cancer is unique and together Dr. Keith Block and Dr. Penny Block have created a person-centered, integrated, individualized and science based model of care – along with a very dedicated and skilled professional team — that treats you beyond what conventional cancer treatment are able to do. With more than thirty years in the business of caring for patients, Dr. Keith Block remains a pioneer in integrative oncology. Just read his book Life over Cancer, it speaks volumes.

Most importantly when I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer I was the mother of four young children. My children were 11, 10, 6 and 5 years old. I remember writing on my caringbridge.org blog one day, “I can deal with cancer I ‘m just not sure how to deal with cancer and young kids.” Take my advice, reach out to others and ask for help. My kids were taken care of when I wasn’t able to take total care of them — sometimes it does take a village.

With the professional help of Dr. Penny Block and working through the full integrative and mind-body aspects of dealing with cancer, I was able to heal on the inside. Today I am proud to say I am a “survivor.” But I am really proud of saying I have two kids in college (19 and 18) and my two youngest are teenagers (15 and 13), and I thank the Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment for giving me my Life Over Cancer.

Submitted: Julianne Downes, RD
September 14, 2017