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What Leading Experts Are Saying About The Block Center

"I am impressed by the comprehensive, integrated nature of Dr. Block’s approach, and just as we talked about the Ornish approach to coronary vascular disease, I hope that we can soon talk about the Block approach to the management of cancer."

-- Wayne B. Jonas, M.D. Former Director of Office of Alternative Medicine at the National Institutes of Health (now the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine). Co-editor of Essentials of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (1999).

"Keith Block, M.D., is a significant figure in the emerging “middle ground” approach to integrated management of cancer. Block is the kind of physician we are going to need more of in the future: a clinical internist who has conducted postgraduate research in nutritional and behavioral oncology and who is dedicated to the judicious and effective use of conventional cancer treatments. At the same time, he places a strong emphasis on the use of appropriate complementary therapies as adjunctive treatments. Block’s approach is a model that could fit easily into the future mainstream practice of hematology-oncology."

-- Michael Lerner, Ph.D. Author of Choices in Healing and founding director of Commonweal in Bolinas, CA, a health and environmental research institute conducting programs that contribute to human and ecosystem health.

"To read about Block’s approach to cancer, to see him relating positive coping behavior to immune system activity, is a sign to me that we are making some real progress."

-- Bernie Siegel, M.D., founder of the support group program, Exceptional Cancer Patients, Inc., and author of Love, Medicine, and Miracles, and other popular books on mind-body medicine.

"Keith Block, M.D., is perhaps the most prominent integrative cancer specialist in the country."

-- Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D. Leading author and consultant on cancer treatment who writes detailed reports on a wide variety of cancer types and situations. The Moss Reports. CancerDecisions Newsletters.

"Keith I. Block, MD, [has integrated] the medicine of the mind-body with the medicine of biochemistry, for cancer [and] anything else."

-- Harris Dienstfrey, Executive Editor of Advances: The Journal of Mind-Body Health, Fetzer Institute, Kalamazoo, Michigan.

"A dietary program, which is actually part of a multifaceted approach that includes conventional cancer treatment, stress reduction, exercise, and psychological support, developed by a practicing U.S. physician, Keith Block, M.D., is an example of a “middle ground” approach. The program is intended to be used adjunctively and not as a substitute for medical treatment. The diet, which is modified on an individual basis, emphasizes foods high in vitamins, trace minerals, and substances thought to reduce cancer risks. Nutritional analysis has reportedly shown Block’s dietary program to be nutritionally adequate; the Recommended Daily Allowances (RDAs) were met or exceeded for almost all nutrients for which RDAs have been established and for which nutrient analyses are available, and the diet reportedly exceeds requirements for vitamins A, C, and B12, calcium, iron, magnesium, and several other elements. According to some members of the OTA Advisory Panel for this study, it is our collective professional judgment that nutritional interventions are going to “follow” psychosocial interventions up the ladder into clinical respectability as adjunctive and complementary approaches to the treatment of cancer."

-- Unconventional Cancer Treatments, a 300-page report issued 09/1990 by the Office of Technology Assessment of the 101st Congress of the United States, Washington, D.C. Document GPO 052-003-01207-3: U.S. Government Printing Office, Superintendent of Documents, Washington, DC 20402-9325

"The treatment method Dr. Block calls “biopsychooncology” is an exciting departure from the traditional view of cancer treatment. With this new paradigm, he has forged a vital link between the scientific understanding of cancer and the well-being of the patient… [His writings] reveal a deep understanding of the patient’s role in cancer survival and how the mind, environment, and nutrition interact as positive therapeutic agents in each stage of the cancer process. His approach represents a rational method of cancer management which most patients can understand and in which they can participate in an active partnership with their practitioners."

-- Jeffrey S. Bland, Ph.D. Renowned nutritional biochemist, chief executive officer of HealthComm, Inc., Gig Harbor, Washington.

"As a researcher of biopsychosocial influences on the course of cancer, I appreciate Dr. Block’s perspective on the field he quite aptly prefers to call “biopsychooncology.” As a clinical health psychologist, I applaud his focus on how health care professionals who bring “an unrelenting, life-affirming attitude” and a compassionate, comprehensive approach to cancer care can make all the difference in, quite literally, transforming people’s lives. .. It is my hope that, perhaps in the next millennium, there will be many more Keith Blocks treating people with cancer."

-- Lydia R. Temoshok, Ph.D., Cancer Investigator and Clinical Psychologist, Division of Mental Health, World Health Organization, Geneva. Co-author of The Type C Connection.

"Keith I. Block, MD, is to be commended for pursuing a treatment approach of biopsychological intervention. He offers us a meaningful approach to the care of cancer patients by utilizing individualized therapeutic intervention that can include traditional chemotherapy protocols as well as a strong focus on nutritional treatment, stress reduction techniques, and other life-affirming practices. I believe Dr. Block’s work represents a significant contribution to our understanding of the patient care process in oncology and presents us with a challenge for the future."

-- David Gullion, M.D., Oncologist and Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, U.C. San Francisco School of Medicine.

"Dr. Block’s vision of cancer care represents an attempt by a dedicated and thoughtful physician to treat the whole person by combining conventional medical, nutritional-metabolic, and psychospiritual treatments with a strong respect for patient autonomy. This program can serve as a model for other physicians who would seek to create their own integrative treatment programs."

-- William M. Buchholz, M.D., Medical Oncologist, Mountain View, CA. Consultant to Commonweal Cancer Help Program, Bolinas, CA.

"Dr. Block presents a compelling argument for rethinking the biomedical approach to the treatment of cancer. There is not, to my knowledge, a program (and the work it is based on) such as this one by Dr. Keith Block, which takes such a bold step toward fully integrating mind-body medicine in the treatment of cancer. For every person who has ever had, or currently has, or has even considered the possibility of someday having cancer, there can be only a sense of jubilant relief in the realization that such an integrated approach to cancer treatment finally exists."

-- Mark Renneker, M.D., is assistant clinical professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of California at San Francisco, and a specialist in Behavioral Medicine with expertise in cancer care. San Francisco, CA.

"I commend Dr. Keith Block for his commitment to incorporating nutrition as a key component in the multidimensional management of the oncology patient. Only now, with the growing acceptance of the need for a more integrative approach to cancer care, is nutritional oncology beginning to emerge as a recognized medical discipline and as an important adjunct to standard cancer treatment."

-- Bonita M. Hathaway, M.S., R.D., Clinical Dietitian at Saint Vincent Hospital, New York, NY.

"Dr. Block presents ideas for improvements in care giving that could be of great material benefit to cancer patients."

-- James R. Hebert, M.S.P.H., Sc.D., professor of Medicine and Epidemiology and associate director, Division of Preventive and Behavioral Medicine, Department of Medicine, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, MA.

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